Helpie FAQ – Group Sample

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Getting Started

  • What is Credit?

    Credits are used to generate assets (videos, photos, audios) and to authenticate assets.

    For most users, simply speaking, a credit allows you to generate a video of the length of one minute.

    A credit can be used partially. For example, if your generated video is 15 seconds, the system deducts 0.25 credits. You only pay for what you use.

    A small group of users may be curious: what does “authenticate assets” mean? At A2E Lab, we seriously care about if avatar technology is misused.

    Technically speaking, credit is not only a mere number, it is a also token tracked by block-chain technology. In order to prevent the abuse of the capability of our custom avatar creation, we assign a unique token to each custom-made avatar. The behavior of the following creation of such custom-made avatar is subsequently tracked via the block-chain. In other words, when a credit is spent to create an asset from a custom-made avatar, the credit is used to authenticate whether or not the user has the permission for the creation.

    So far, the block-chain technology is only used internally to prevent avatar abuse. We may later introduce a type of exchangeable block-chain token (or NFT). Welcome to share with us your idea