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Two ways to create your own digital clones

Photo Clone & Video Clone

Preparation Cost
Use Cost
User Provides
Avatar Appearance
Photo Clone
1 photo + 1 minute of voice
Cloth and style At Choice
Slight Variance
Video Clone
1 video
Same as video
 Identical to the video

Process of Photo Clone

Upload A Photot

Upload A Audio Sample


Select One AI-generated Avatar

Use the Avatar

Get Videos with Avatar Speaking Any Text


Process of Video Clone

AI learns voice and Lip Sync

Upload One Video

AI learns lip motion and voice

Use the Video Clone

Type any text
Get the video with avatar speaking new text

No time for video shooting? No budget for expensive cameras?

DIY Video Shooting


With A2E


Require practice and rehearsal

Starting from $3,000

Hire external actors

Cameras, studio and high-end work station

Complex editing

Done in minutes

Starting from $9.9

Use your own or select 100+ free avatars

Simply use a PC or a phone

Easy to use

How Avatar Photo Works

1.Upload or capture      2.Select      3.Generate avatar photo

How Avatar Video Works

1.Choose your avatar      2.Type your scripts      3.Generate videos

Use Cases



Create your own avatars, unlimited
Pick avatars of historical figures
100+ studio-quality AI anchors covering different ethnicities, ages, poses and clothes.

Historical Figures
A dynamically animated photograph


Clone your own voice with only 10 sentences
Let your own voice speak in foreign languages
Or select from a collection of high-quality voices





Need A Custom Voice?

Developer integrations

Integrating AI avatars into your own app couldn’t be easier
Use API at no additional cost.

AI generated background templates to get started

100+ templates for common use cases
Create your own background with AIGC

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Multiple Data Centers

We have data center in North America, East Asia, Middle East, Europe. Your data will not leave your region.

Your Data, Protected

Our dedicated Trust & Safety team ensures your data is secure and our AI is used ethically.

GDPR Committed

We strictly adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation, ensuring the utmost protection and responsible handling of personal data.

Championing Responsible AI

We work hand-in-hand with regulators to help shape robust and effective AI policies.

AI Safety

At A2E, security isn't just a slogan — it's a commitment. That's why we spent $$$ to build multiple data centers around the world complying with each region’s individual laws. Our AI video platform is built with your privacy and protection in mind, so you can trust us with your valuable data.

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    Can't get over how awesome my selfies look after using A2E. They've nailed it with their portrait generation. No need for a professional photographer anymore.
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    Just tried A2E and I'm absolutely stunned by the quality of these portrait photos. The AI truly captures my likeness and the results look professional.
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    Our AI Video Generator enables everyone to create professional videos without mics, cameras, actors or studios.

  • Using AI, we’re radically changing the process of video content creation, making it scalable and affordable while maintaining high quality.

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